Sunday Celebration Services 2016

Rev. Valerie talks on conscious living skills, Unity Principles and Universal Laws to expand her own life and empower others to expand and transform their life.

Advent: Love – December 2016  Love is the great harmonizing and healing principle in the universe. Learn to awaken to your true Christ nature and express love in every thought, word, and action. See beyond the judgments and perceptions and see only as the Christ in you sees.

The Happiness Project Begin with Gratitude -October 2016   An explanation of the Happiness Project and Gratitude.  Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in determining an individual’s happiness. Nurturing an attitude no matter the conditions or circumstances creates the foundation for happiness.

Beauty of Action- August 2016  It is not enough to know the truth but we must live the truth we know-Unity’s 5th Principle. Life is about choice and about action. Guided by Spirit we move forward with an openness and a willingness to change course and change our mind.

Remembrance of Time Past: Sentimental Journey & My Way   September 2016- In this series we showcase our musicians with songs of remembrance, featuring music of the 40’s and 50’s.

Align Your Beliefs May 2016 Our beliefs provide the container, the nurturing ground, from which we are able to focus our thoughts. Our beliefs provide the boundaries of our imagination that allows us to nurture good thoughts.